winsea airedales

AIREDALE TERRIERS, Calgary, Alberta Canada. Quality Airedales, bred for conformation, health, and temperament.


The primary goal at Winsea is to provide the best quality Airedale Terriers that conform as closely as possible to the standards of the breed. We breed healthy puppies with excellent temperaments and personalities. Hips ar
e x-rayed in all breeding stock for signs of hip dysplasia.

Temperament is of paramount importance, whether in the show ring or in the home and Winsea litters are carefully evaluated for behavioral characteristics. Each puppy is unique and has a distinct personality and every effort is made to match the most desirable and suitable puppy with its new family.

Winsea breeding stock and show dogs are first and foremost family members and more often than not, can be found leisurely reclining on a bed or chair.  Puppies are whelped in our home and spend their first 8 weeks in the family room where they are well socialized and become accustomed to the everyday sights, sounds and events that help them become confident companions when taken to their new homes.